Happy New Year!

And so… another year is gone and a new one begun. My wish for singers, vocalists, song stylists, etc. is for, first of all, good vocal health; that we find and do whatever works to keep la voce healthy and singing well.

If you are a voice instructor, I wish you engaged vocal students who are open to the wisdom and experience that you want to share with them. Remember, reaching only one student is still an accomplishment.

If you are a voice student, I wish you supportive teachers and coaches who inspire and encourage you to stay on your vocal journey even if your chosen path strays a bit from the curriculum.

If you are a professional singer, I wish you connections to the people who appreciate your vocal gifts and are positioned to open the right doors for your career. I wish you supportive accompanists and/or bands; instrumentalists who work with you, not in competition, but who challenge your ears enough to keep things fresh. I wish you a team of supportive people (even if it’s only one or two) who are knowledgeable about the promotional/business side of things and can advise you so that you don’t feel like you’re out here on your own. I also wish you opportunities to meet your vocal heroes while they’re still with us.

For all of us, I wish focus and endurance. There’s a lot going on around us (positive and not-so-positive) that can be distracting and/or discouraging. We all should be aware of what’s happening but find creative ways to process it. Sing on!

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